5 Best Image Converter Tools for Windows and Mac

There are times when you want to change the file format of the image. To do so, of course, a special program is necessary. Actually, converting images or photos can be done within most photo editing programs.

Even so, you might be wondering which tools capable of converting images easily and get the job done properly. We will recommend the 5 best image converter programs available down below.

1. Pixelmator Pro

This program offers many advantages, one of which is its features which are quite abundant. Yep, besides being able to convert images, this program can also be used to edit images.

Pixelmator Pro offers many tools that you can make use of. The program itself is suitable for use by both professionals and beginners.

Interested to download the Pixelmator Pro? you can go directly to the website address here.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is basically an image editor program. The tool can do many post processing tasks including changing or converting file formats of an image.

This program itself is Open Source and is available free of charge.

GIMP brings many features that can be used to enhance images. This program is available for both Windows, MacOS X, and Linux computers. You can download GIMP directly via the following link.

3. Photoshop

Who doesn’t know about this program? Yep, Photoshop. This program made by Adobe is indeed very famous for editing images or photos.

Besides being able to be used for editing, you can also use Photoshop to convert images. However, we put it in the third position due to its complexity. The program is too complete and big in size.

Go straight to this website to download the Photoshop.

4. ImageMagick

The next program is ImageMagick. Not only converting, you can also use ImageMagick to design and edit images.

The program itself can read many types of images up to 200 formats. Provided free, ImageMagick is available for Windows, MacOS X, or Linux computers.

Moreover, this program has been recently also available for devices running on Android and iOS. Grab it from its official site here.

5. Resizing.app

The last recommended program is Resizing.app. You can use this program to resize images online.

In addition, you can also convert images using this tool. using it is also very easy and straightforward. Simply drag and drop an image to the place provided. Next, choose whether to convert or resize it, then press the Save button. Super easy isn’t it? To use this program you can go to this official website.

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