VPShared 100% Discount Promo Code

VPShared 100% Discount Promo Code 1

It might sound like a joke but it’s not. A shared hosting service VPShared, which is a subsidiary brand of Virmach, is back again with another promotion. This time they roll out a 100% discount along with 35% off promo. We share you the valid promo codes below along with a review of how it performs.

VPShared Coupon Codes

Use one of these codes to get a discounted price when purchasing a shared hosting service from Virmach.com:

Code #1: 100% off (Get Free Webhosting)


Terms: Only valid with the SHARED-1 hosting plan with coupon code provided above, limit one per customer. The code may expire at any time. Users must have an active package at all times to get this free package.

Code #2: 35% off


terms: Valid for new and existing customers to get 35% off all shared hosting plans. There is a limit of one per customer. The code may expire at any time.

>> Go to VPShared.com

VPShared Hosting Plans

There is a wide range of shared hosting packages available. All of the packages are provisioned in solid Xeon-powered servers and is backed up with premium bandwidth. Server specs of Virmarch shared hosting plans are below:

  • Storage: RAID 10 – Solid State Drive
  • Location: Buffalo, NY, US
  • Protection: 20Gbps DDoS Protection
  • Uptime: 100% Guaranteed
  • Other Features: SSL, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, JetBackup, Softaculous Installer, LS Cache.

Available plans:

VPShared 100% Discount Promo Code 2

Key features available in all plans including:

  • 20Gbps DDOS Protection
  • 1Gbps port speed
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Unlimited FTP
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

The only discrepancies distinguish between each plan are SSD disk space, bandwidth traffic, RAM allocation, and CPU usage.

Short Review

We have managed to get a hand on the Shared-1 package for free using the above coupon code. We installed WordPress and uploaded a few contents on it. Here’s what we get so far.

ps.: This website is currently hosted on that freemium hosting package.

Solid Uptime

Despite we use the server to host a website (only 1 website) for a few days, we found no downtime. We utilize UptimeRobot service to monitor the uptime. So far so good.

Fast Premium Traffic

One thing that we like about limited traffic, it is a premium bandwidth with good connectivity. There are many web hosting providers out there offering unlimited traffic. However, we prefer to choose those who offer a specific amount of traffic as long as the quality is fantastic. We want premium bandwidth and we are more than willing to pay for it. At VPShared, they don’t offer unlimited but enough amount of premium connectivity. On top of that, they add a layer of protection with a huge 20Gbps DDOS protection.

Good connectivity + good server = fantastic page load speed.

VPShared 100% Discount Promo Code 3

The TTFB (Time to First Byte) is also good. The only thing that takes time is SSL connection in which we use the free one from Cloudflare.

VPShared 100% Discount Promo Code 4

Fast Page Load Speed

Thanks to Litespeed web server that powers the hosting server, the website load speed is also accelerated. We combined the hosting performance with fast WordPress theme from MyThemeShop. Here’s what we get:

VPShared 100% Discount Promo Code 5

We have managed to get the A score of both Google PageSpeed and YSlow. The fully loaded time took only 1 second.

Read also: MyThemeShop coupon code.

Low RAM and CPU Allocation

As with many free or cheap web hosts, there is always a negative area. Since we host the website on the lowest plan available, the performance is not as good as expected. The original price is $3/year for 1GB SSD and 100GB bandwidth. Space and traffic allocation is not a problem for a newly developed site. However, the CPU and RAM limitation becomes a problem.

This website has no more than 10 articles but the allocated CPU cannot cope with what the website need. We find “503 Service Unavailable” error many times – not always but frequently. This indicates that the server is temporarily busy.

VPShared 100% Discount Promo Code 6

Hence, we checked resource usage from the cPanel dashboard:

VPShared 100% Discount Promo Code 7

The good news, this error is unseen on its higher plan. We also tested to host a WordPress site with 100+ articles on the Shared-5 package. The hosting plan sports 256MB RAM and 30% CPU vCore.

Editorial Conclusion

Despite we have found some performance weakness, VPShared is still a good hosting provider. The low performance is expected due to its lowest specs being allocated. On top of that, it was free when we got it. Such downside is obvious and it proves that CloudLinux actually works. Hence, if you can afford more to buy any larger or higher plan, you won’t be bothered by a noisy neighbor. You will get all the resources that you paid for. It is a shared hosting after all.

VPShared is a service by Virmach, a reputable web hosting, and server providers, especially in the “Low end” community. They offer good servers at very affordable prices. The best part that we like; the company also provides free 1 dedicated ipv4 in all plans except Shared-1.

We can vouch for VPShared and strongly recommend it for budget hosting. We give it 8.5 rating in the 10 scales.

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