6 IP Address Checker Sites

What is my IP? What’s my IP address? Check my IP. You might sometimes wondering about the IP address that you are connecting to the internet to.

Basically, simply type in “my ip” in the Google search form and the search engine will tell you exactly the IP address. However, you’ll get only the IP without additional information.

There is a scenario that you may want to know your own IP address along with the location of the IP.

Such a scenario usually involves the use of VPN or Proxy. Going anonymous is a right for anyone. There are many free or paid VPN services offering a divers locations of VPN servers.

Usually, it is a common habit to check the IP address and location once we connect to a VPN service. This is to make sure the VPN connection established correctly.

Below we list the best 6 websites to check your IP address. These sites not only tell you the IP address but also the public location of the IP you use.

These sites will tell you when this question comes to your mind: What is my IP?


MyIP.my.id is a simple website showing your public IP address and its detected location. The website is very simple and is ads free. We love its simplicity.

Moreover, there is a cool avatar that changes randomly each time you visit the site. The design is not boring. It’s lightweight and is fast-loading. There is no single advertisement nor banner ads displayed.

Visit https://myip.my.id/


Similarly, IPChicken.com offers simple web interface showing your public IP address. Instead of the IP location, the website displays Browser Agents. The page is also simple and fast-loading.

However, the site contains minor advertisement. Two Adsense banners displayed in the page.

Visit https://www.ipchicken.com/


WhatIsMyIP.com displays your public IP address, location, and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are connecting to. The website has simple design although some advertisements appear on some areas of the page.

The website also hosts other tools. Simply visit the page and you’ll be able to see some additional menus such as IP Whois Lookup, IP Information, Hostname Lookup, DNS Lookup, and so on.

Visit https://www.whatismyip.com/


This website also provides information about your public IP address, ISP, and location. We love the way it shows IP location in detail including City, Region, and Country. There is also a small map.

What we don’t like is the bloated apps. Among all IP checker sites, this website the most bloated one. Luckily, the tools they offer make it worth.

Visit https://whatismyipaddress.com/


This website has the simplest domain name among other. Myip.com is very easy to remember.

The website displays your public IP address, the country location, Remote Port, Host IP, and your ISP. There is no City location tho.

Its user interface is very simple and it has only one banner advertisement at the top of the page.

Visit https://www.myip.com/


The last site is WhatIsMyIP.org which is the only IP checker site in this list having Dark mode style. Once accessing the page, your public IP will appear at the very top area of the page.

The main page shows only the IP address and Hostname. You need to click the “More info about you” link to fetch the location of your IP along with more detailed information Whois lookup.

Visit https://www.whatsmyip.org/

Which site you prefer to check your public IP address? Share the comment below.

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