Trnsform Any Android Device to iPhone XS iOS 12

Apple iOS 12 was officially released by Apple in early June 2018. Apple claims that iOS 12 is much faster than its predecessor and has a myriad of new features. Even the latest three iPhones, like the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, have started running this latest operating system.

Even though the iOS 12 is only devoted to Apple devices, it turns out that anyone can try the appearance of the iOS 12 style on an Android smartphone. The best part, this transformation requires no root.

Trnsform Any Android Device to iPhone XS iOS 12 1

Without further ado, first, download the iOS 12 Launcher app from Play Store and install it as usual on your device. Next, don’t forget to set it as the default launcher.

Once done, the Android UI display will turn out to be like an iOS automatically. Additionally, if you enter the launcher settings menu, there are many settings that can be customized, such as weather, wallpaper, blur effects to notifications, and so on.

You can also install the iOS 12 Control Center app to add a quick shortcut function of the frequently used settings menu. Hence, the main UI style design will look like iOS more. The app also has a function for recording high-resolution screens, adjusting music, vibrations, and colors from the Control Center.

That is the easy way to change the look and the appearance of any Android phone to be like iOS 12 used on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR. Because this is a free app, you may expect some ads when using it.

Trnsform Any Android Device to iPhone XS iOS 12 2

Additional Tips:

Xiaomi devices have special theming features. It means that all Xiaomi phones running MIUI Android can easily use themes instead ads-based app above. There are many iOS-like MIUI themes you can choose. iOS Alakadarnya 11 is the best one for devices running MIUI 9. Pure iOS 12 is one of the best themes for MIUI 10.

By downloading and installing themes you can transform your Xiaomi phone to resemble iOS design. It is easy. Nevertheless, any other Android devices in general can utilize special launcher app as mentioned above.

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